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RE-Elect Daphne Stanley for Place 4 School Board Trustee

Re-Elect so that we can continue to make an impact. We do not want to go backwards but to push forward for our Staff, and our Kids.

An Everyday Woman Working For Our Kids Everyday  

Welcome, I am eager to meet the community, hear what you like/dislike about the Garland Independent School Board (GISD). I encourage you to read a little about me (Meet Daphne tab) and why I have chosen to serve on the School Board. I am passionate about this community, I believe our children are our future and are the best part of who we are.

I am uniquely qualified to represent parents, students and staff because I have firsthand knowledge and experience with the educational challenges in 2 other States along with 4 years in the GISD. Experience in navigating within Private, Public and Charter Schools trying to get the best education for my family. I have been employed in the Retail Industry for the past 20+ years. In my current role I am responsible for inventory in our 1,800 corporate owned stores throughout the US and Puerto Rico. My strength has always been in the ability to bring together cross functional departments to strengthen both business goals and establish objectives.

  1. I will continue to have an open-door policy and be available to parents, teachers and all our citizens of the Tri-Cities.
  2. Teacher and Paraprofessional shortages. I will listen and work with staff to find solutions to keep our teachers and paraprofessional in GISD.
  3. Continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with parents and teachers for impactful resources for children with special educational needs in our school district.
  4. I will be transparent and available to everyone in the Tri-Cities to make sure that we are held accountable for all approved Bond items as promised.

We have many challenges facing our district.

Teacher and paraprofessional shortages. We are losing teachers at levels that have and will continue to affect the learning of our children. We must work together with Teachers and staff to improve not only pay but overall working conditions. We must continue to put pressure on and continue to work with our State Officials to help increase teacher pay.

Continued learning loss that is made even more difficult with the continued changing of curriculum requirements and tools. Not being a part of the Education Industry, I can look at how we need to adjust the traditional structure of our district to put more resources into teaching our children. All students deserve access to a quality education.

As our district prepares for potential passing of the 2023 bond, I have the qualifications and skillset to handle the complexities associated with managing the many moving parts and financial decisions. I will continue my efforts in bridging the gap between our communities and our district.

I am prepared and ready to continue serving on the Garland Independent School District School Board. I ask for you vote this upcoming election on May 6th. Early voting begins April 24th through May 2nd.

For those who live in our school district, I thank you for your support, your vote and ask that you partner with me now and in the future.

Your Proven, Trusted, and Committed Trustee,

Daphne Stanley

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